Electric kick scooter regulations, what the law says

What the law says in 2024

Welcome to NiceCity electric kick scooter rental store Nice where your exploration of the city by electric kick scooter is accompanied by a clear understanding of the French regulations in force.


Summary of regulations in 2024

Before setting off on an adventure, it is essential to know the rules in force. In 2024 , the regulations surrounding the use of electric kicks scooters in Nice, in accordance with French laws , are defined to ensure a safe and harmonious experience.


Traffic rules in and out of town

During your stroll through the streets of Nice, respect French traffic rules . We recommend following designated routes and being aware of your surroundings for a smooth experience.


A regulated speed

French legislation imposes a maximum speed for electric scooters. In 2024, this limit is set at 25 km/h . To guarantee your safety and that of other road users, be sure to scrupulously respect this speed limit.


“Road” approval for vehicles over 25 km/h

For scooters exceeding 25 km/h , “road” approval is mandatory in France. Make sure your machine meets this standard for legal and safe driving on the streets of Nice.


Wearing a helmet and protective equipment is mandatory

Your safety is paramount. In France , wearing a helmet is not compulsory but strongly recommended for drivers of electric kicks scooters.

Minimum age required

To rent and use an electric kick scooter in France, it is necessary to respect the minimum age requirement, set at 14 years in 2024, in accordance with current regulations. This provision aims to ensure responsible use adapted to each user.


Respect for pedestrian zones and shared spaces

During your exploration, pay attention to pedestrian and shared areas, in accordance with French rules. Courtesy towards pedestrians and other users of public roads contributes to harmonious cohabitation.


Signaling and traffic lights

As an electric kick scooter user in France, respect road signs and traffic lights. These rules ensure effective traffic coordination and everyone’s safety.


Raising awareness of local French rules

Each city has its particularities , and Nice is no exception. Find out about local rules specific to Nice, France, for an electric scooter rental experience in full compliance with national regulations.

We wish you a pleasant exploration of Nice on an electric kick scooter, discover electric kick scooter rental in Nice in full compliance with current French regulations. Good road !

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